AVT Guppy

AVT-Guppy-side-reThe Guppy is a very small, lightweight, inexpensive industrial FireWire camera. Guppy cameras are equipped with a large variety of renowned CCD and CMOS sensors by Sony and Micron/Aptina – the versatile Guppy series provides the right camera for almost all kinds of applications.

  • IEEE 1394a (400 Mb/s)
  • CCD and CMOS sensors (1/3, 1/2, 1/2.5), 10 models (VGA to 5 Megapixel)
  • Guppy F-038B/C and F044B/C also available as NIR version (enhanced near infrared light sensitivity)
  • Options
    • Various IR cut/pass filters
    • CS/M12 Mount adapters (M12 only for sensors < 1/2)
    • White medical housing
  • Programmable LUT
  • Auto gain
  • Auto exposure ( except for Guppy F-036B/C, F-503B/C)
  • Image mirror (only Guppy F-036B/C, F-503B/C)
  • Binning (b/w) (only Guppy F-036B/C, F-503B/C)
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range Mode, only Guppy F-036)
  • Only Guppy F-503B/C: Sub-sampling, defect pixel correction, multi-shot, separate AOI for auto features

With its very compact housing, a Guppy industrial camera fits into the smallest places. For OEM solutions, board level versions are available. Thanks to the diversity of the Guppy models, this industrial FireWire camera fits a large variety of applications.

  • Cost-effective and easy move from analog to digital cameras
  • Applications with space constraints
  • OEM solutions (board level version)
  • Machine vision and inspection
  • Robotics
  • Quality control
  • ITS/Traffic monitoring … and many more
ProductSensorSensor SizeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
Guppy F-038BCCD1/2"30768x492
Guppy F-038CCCD1/2"30768x492
Guppy F-038B NIRCCD1/2"30768x492
Guppy F-038C NIRCCD1/2"30768x492
Guppy F-044BCCD1/2"25752x580
Guppy F-044CCCD1/2"25752x580
Guppy F-044B NIRCCD1/2"25752x580
Guppy F-044C NIRCCD1/2"25752x580
Guppy F-033BCCD1/3" 58656x494
Guppy F-033CCCD1/3" 58656x494
Guppy F-036BCMOS1/3" 60752x480
Guppy F-036CCMOS1/3" 60752x480
Guppy F-046BCCD1/2"53780x582
Guppy F-046CCCD1/2"49780x582
Guppy F-080BCCD1/3" 301032x778
Guppy F-080CCCD1/3" 301032x778
Guppy F-146BCCD1/2"17.71392x1040
Guppy F-146C
Guppy F-503BCMOS1/2.5"6.52592x1944
Guppy F-503CCMOS1/2.5"6.52592x1944