AVT Stingray

AVT-Stingray-side-riThe Stingray is a versatile, powerful camera for almost all applications, and an ideal custom camera or OEM camera. Stingray cameras have an excellent image quality and incorporate an advanced set of camera features. Their design is modular and flexible (angled heads, board level versions, AVT modular concept…).

Stingray cameras are available with daisy chain FireWire connectors or with both copper and GOF (glass optical fiber, ideal for long cable lengths) ports. High-end image pre-processing functions are included – a mid price Stingray IEEE 1394b camera is even suitable for very demanding requirements.

  • IEEE 1394b (800 Mb/s), daisy chain copper or copper and GOF
  • Sony CCD sensors (1/3, 1/2, 1/1.8, 2/3)
  • 8 models (VGA to 5 Megapixel)
  • Options
    • Various IR cut/pass filters
    • Various lens mounts on request
    • Hirose power: out
    • Angled head
    • White medical housing
    • Compact housing version
    • Board level versions on request

Stingray cameras include numerous real-time image pre-processing functions. All below mentioned functions are performed by the FPGA inside the camera – with no additional CPU load and thus an inexpensive host computer.

  • AOI (true partial scan), separate AOI for auto features
  • Programmable LUT, white balance, hue, saturation
  • Debayering
  • Auto gain, auto exposure
  • Color correction
  • Shading correction
  • High SNR mode (up to 24 dB better signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Local color anti-aliasing
  • Sub-sampling, 2x – 8x binning (b/w) (only Stingray F-201C: binning with color)
  • Low noise binning mode
  • Defect pixel correction
  • Sequence mode (changes the camera settings on the fly)
  • Image mirror
  • Deferred image transport
  • SIS (secure image signature, time stamp for trigger, frame count etc.)
  • Storable user settings

The Technical Manual contains detailed descriptions of all functions.

The Stingray is implemented in:

  • Industrial inspection and automation
  • Logistics
  • Science and research
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Multimedia, entertainment and sports
  • ITS (Intelligent traffic solutions)

Additionally, Allied Vision Technologies recommends using the Stingray for:

  • Demanding OEM digital camera applications (board level versions with separate sensor board available)
  • Daisy chaining (two copper connectors)
  • Long cable lengths (GOF version)
ProductSensorSensor SizeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
Stingray F-033BCCD1/2"84656X492
Stingray F-033B FIBERCCD1/2"84656X492
Stingray F-033CCCD1/2"84656X492
Stingray F-033C FIBERCCD1/2"84656X492
Stingray F-046BCCD1/2"61780X580
Stingray F-046B FIBERCCD1/2"61780X580
Stingray F-046CCCD1/2"61780X580
Stingray F-046C FIBERCCD1/2"61780X580
Stingray F-080BCCD1/3"311032x776
Stingray F-080B FIBERCCD1/3"311032x776
Stingray F-080CCCD1/3"311032x776
Stingray F-080C FIBERCCD1/3"311032x776
Stingray F-125BCCD1/3"301292x964
Stingray F-125B FIBERCCD1/3"301292x964
Stingray F-125CCCD1/3"301292x964
Stingray F-125C FIBERCCD1/3"301292x964
Stingray F-145BCCD2/3"161388x1038
Stingray F-145B FIBERCCD2/3"161388x1038
Stingray F-145CCCD2/3"161388x1038
Stingray F-145C FIBERCCD2/3"161388x1038
Stingray F-146BCCD1/2"151388x1038
Stingray F-146B FIBERCCD1/2"151388x1038
Stingray F-146CCCD1/2"151388x1038
Stingray F-146C FIBERCCD1/2"151388x1038
Stingray F-201BCCD1/1.8"141624x1234
Stingray F-201B FIBERCCD1/1.8"141624x1234
Stingray F-201CCCD1/1.8"141624x1234
Stingray F-201C FIBERCCD1/1.8"141624x1234
Stingray F-504BCCD2/3"32452x2056
Stingray F-504B FIBERCCD2/3"32452x2056
Stingray F-504CCCD2/3"32452x2056