AVT Bigeye

BigEyeThe Bigeye is a Peltier cooled camera series for demanding applications. It is equipped with highly sensitive CCD sensors from Sony and Truesense (Kodak). Bigeye cameras are designed for low-noise image acquisition even at long exposure times.

The compact, robust metal housing of all Bigeye cameras has a hermetically sealed vacuum section, ensuring maintenance-free operation for many years even under rough conditions.

Moreover, two NIR enhanced camera versions are available (with ICX285 and KAF-6303E).

  • Dual level Peltier cooling with 5 years warranty against condensation
  • Low dark current even at very long exposure times
  • Superior signal/noise ratio
  • Robust alloy metal housing for industrial use
  • Secure operation due to screw locks at all connectors
  • Multi-functional, user-configurable I/O interface
  • Support of AVT’s GigE software development kits (SDKs)

  • Gain
  • Exposure time (up to 71 minutes)
  • Binning
  • Three look-up tables (LUTs)
  • Five storable user sets

The Bigeye is a prime quality CCD camera for low-noise imaging. The Peltier cooling provides a superior signal-to-noise ratio even with very long exposure times. Moreover, with its GigE Vision compliant interface and the multifunctional I/O ports, the camera is perfectly suited for many life science and machine vision applications.

Typical applications:

  • Low-noise imaging (industrial and scientific imaging)
  • Image acquisition with long exposure times
  • Microscopy with high resolution
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Gel electrophoresis, DNA documentation
  • Non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects
  • Astronomy
  • Solar cell/wafer inspection (NIR models)