AVT Prosilica GT

AVT-ProsilicaGT-rightThe Prosilica GT are compact digital cameras designed for imaging in extreme temperatures (from -20°C upto 65°C) and fluctuating lighting conditions. The Prosilica GT cameras feature Precise and DC Auto Iris, as well as PoE and the latest CCD sensor technology making them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including ITS & traffic imaging, machine vision, industrial inspection, security, surveillance, military applications and more.

  •  Sony EXview HAD CCD and Truesense KAI quad tap sensors
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®)
  • 1 to 29 Megapixel
  • Fast frame rates upto 62 fps
  • Auto Iris (P-Iris and DC)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet surge suppression
  • Gamma
  • Metadata (Chunk data)
  • Clock synchronization (IEEE1588)
  • Wide operating temperature range

The Prosilica GT features include:

  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto Gain
  • Auto White balance
  • Region of Interest readout (AOI partial scan)
  • DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features)
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control)
  • Stream hold
  • Asynchronous external trigger and sync I/O
  • Auto Iris (P-Iris and DC)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet surge suppression
  • Gamma
  • Metadata (Chunk data)
  • Clock synchronization (IEEE1588)
  • Recorder and Multiframe Acquisition Modes

The Prosilica GT cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Outdoor imaging
  • Traffic imaging / ITS
  • Public security and surveillance
  • Industrial inspection
  • Machine vision
  • Military and space applications

ProductSensorSensor SizeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
Prosilica GT1290CCD1/3"331280X960
Prosilica GT1290CCCD1/3"331280X960
Prosilica GT1380CCD2/3"301360X1024
Prosilica GT1380CCCD2/3"301360X1024
Prosilica GT1600CCD1/1.8"251620X1220
Prosilica GT1600CCCD1/1.8"251620X1220
Prosilica GT1660CCD2/3"621600X1200
Prosilica GT1660CCCD2/3"621600X1200
Prosilica GT1910CCD2/3"571920X1080
Prosilica GT1910CCCD2/3"571920X1080
Prosilica GT1920CCD2/3"401936X1456
Prosilica GT1920CCCD2/3"401936X1456
Prosilica GT2300CCD1"292336X1752
Prosilica GT2300CCCD1"292336X1752
Prosilica GT2450CCD2/3"152448X2050
Prosilica GT2450CCCD2/3"152448X2050
Prosilica GT2750CCD1"192750X2200
Prosilica GT2750CCCD1"192750X2200
Prosilica GT3400CCD1"133384X2704
Prosilica GT3400CCCD1"133384X2704
Prosilica GT2000CMOS (CMOSIS)2/3"502048X1088
Prosilica GT2000CCMOS (CMOSIS)2/3"502048X1088
Prosilica GT2000NIRCMOS (CMOSIS)2/3"502048X1088
Prosilica GT2050CMOS (CMOSIS)1"252048X2048
Prosilica GT2050CCMOS (CMOSIS)1"252048X2048
Prosilica GT2050NIRCMOS (CMOSIS)1"252048X2048
Prosilica GT3300CCD4/3"143296x2472
Prosilica GT3300CCCD4/3"143296x2472
Prosilica GT4905APS-H4/3"74896X3264
Prosilica GT4905CAPS-H4/3"74896X3264
Prosilica GT4907CCD35mm74896X3264
Prosilica GT4907CCCD35mm74896X3264
Prosilica GT6600CCD35mm46576X4384
Prosilica GT6600CCCD35mm46576X4384