camera-usb2-ueye-re-cmos-2_RGBThe most rugged industrial camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface in the portfolio. The housing, lens barrels, and lockable connectors (circular connectors) comply with all the requirements of the IP 65 and IP 67 protection classes. The GigE uEye industrial cameras are dustproof and splashproof and can even be operated in other extremely harsh environments without any problems. The digital inputs and outputs for controlling the trigger and flash are optically decoupled up to 30V.

The camera also features 60 MB of internal image memory to decouple image acquisition from the transmission of the image. This makes the camera especially suitable for applications in multi-camera mode. Thanks to the unique IDS software, you also experience real USB plug & play, even for Gigabit Ethernet cameras: The cameras are automatically detected in the system and are ready for use immediately.

The GigE RE is also available with Power over Ethernet (PoE). The advantage of this is that no separate cable is required, which gives the camera even greater flexibility. The PoE version also provides two additional general purpose I/Os (GPIOs). The power supply is provided by the screw-on, dust proof and splash water proof M12 circular connector.

The camera can also be used on IPC and PC systems, thanks to a 12-24V power supply.

  • Compact: Ideal for applications with space restrictions
  • Efficient: Low power consumption
  • GigE interface: Cable lengths of up to 100 meters
  • 60 MB of internal image memory: Ideal for multi-camera operation
  • Host computer is relieved: Thanks to pixel pre-processing such as gamma and definable LUT
  • Optically decoupled trigger and flash, as well as two general purpose I/Os: Many additional features for a wide range of industrial applications
  • 2 GPIOs (version with PoE only)
  • Filter glass in front of the image sensor: For protection against dust and dirt and for spectral filtering of the incident light
  • 100% quality tested and calibrated: For consistent performance and reliability

Although the USB uEye RE cameras have already proven their worth in the following applications in particular, they are also ideally suited to other fields of application.

  • Automation: Quality assurance and inspection
  • Automotive industry
  • Foundry/Welding (models with HDR sensor and e2v sensors with log mode)
  • Medical technology: Motion analysis and scanners
  • Measuring technology
  • Material testing
  • Printing industry: Completeness checks, endless web inspection systems, quality assurance
  • Packaging industry
ProductSensor TypeSensor SizeFrame RateResolution
UI-5120RE CMOS1/1.8"50768 x 576
UI-5220RECMOS1/3"100.2752 x 480
UI-5220RE PoE CMOS1/3"100.2752 x 480
UI-5240RE CMOS1/2"501280 x 1024
UI-5240RE PoECMOS1/2"501280 x 1024
UI-5250RECMOS1/1.8"35.61600 x 1200
UI-5250RE PoE CMOS1/1.8"35.61600 x 1200
UI-5460RE CMOS1/2"15.72048 x 1536
UI-5460RE PoE CMOS1/2"15.72048 x 1536
UI-5480RECMOS1/2"14.12560 x 1920
UI-5480RE PoECMOS1/2"14.12560 x 1920
UI-5490RECMOS1/2"6.13840 x 2748
UI-5490RE PoE CMOS1/2"6.13840 x 2748
UI-5540RE CMOS1/2"35.51280 x 1024
UI-5540RE PoE CMOS1/2"35.51280 x 1024
UI-5550RE CMOS1/3"23.81600 x 1200
UI-5550RE PoECMOS1/3"23.81600 x 1200
UI-5580RECMOS1/2"14.12560 x 1920
UI-5580RE PoE CMOS1/2"14.12560 x 1920
UI-5640RE CMOS1/3"251280 x 1024
UI-6140RE CCD1/3"281280 x 960
UI-6140RE PoECCD1/3"281280 x 960
UI-6210RECCD1/2"122640 x 480
UI-6210RE PoECCD1/2"122640 x 480
UI-6220RECCD1/2"100768 x 576
UI-6220RE PoECCD1/2"100768 x 576
UI-6230RE CCD1/3"40 1024 x 768
UI-6230RE PoECCD1/3"40 1024 x 768
UI-6240RECCD1/2"151280 x 1024
UI-6250RE CCD1/1.8"201600 x 1200
UI-6250RE PoECCD1/1.8"201600 x 1200
UI-6280RE CCD2/3"8.52448 x 2048
UI-6340RE CCD1/2"25 1360 x 1024
UI-6340RE PoE CCD1/2"25 1360 x 1024
UI-6410RECCD1/3"125640 x 480
UI-6410RE PoECCD1/3"125640 x 480