AVT Mako

AVT-Mako-G-Beauty3The Mako is an industrial GigE camera with an excellent price/performance ratio. Mako cameras have the same 29 x 29 mm form factor and the same mounting positions as many analog cameras. All models include PoE, three optocoupled outputs, and a 64 MB image buffer. The image quality profits from the precisely aligned sensors.

  • VGA to 4 Megapixels, CCD (Sony) and CMOS (CMOSIS) sensors
  • 29 x 29 mm form factor
  • Robust metal housing
  • Including PoE
  • Optocoupled I/Os (1 input, 3 outputs)
  • ROI (Region of Interest Readout)
  • Exposure
    • Auto/one push/programmable
  • White balance
    • Auto/one push/programmable
  • On-board debayering
  • Hue, saturation
  • Gain
    • Auto/one push/programmable
  • Look-up table (LUT), gamma correction
  • DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features)
  • Binning (up to 8 x 14, independent x and y binning)
  • Stream hold
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control)
  • Event channel
  • Chunk data
  • 3 storable user sets

The Mako is an inexpensive industrial GigE camera with a compact form factor and a robust metal housing. It is suitable for all typical machine vision applications:

  • Robotics
  • Quality control
  • Inspection, surveillance
  • Industrial imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Logistics

Browse Models: https://www.alliedvision.com/en/products/cameras.html#series%2F56%2F

For more information and pricing, contact: sales@lucidimaging.in