Small and versatile: Whether as a version with coated plastic housing and C-/CS-mount or as a single-board variant with or without S-mount – uEye LE cameras are screwable, cost-saving project cameras with a wide variety of lenses and sensors.
Since they are reduced to the essential functions, uEye LE models are particularly cost-effective. Their lightweight, coated plastic housing is robust enough to withstand industrial environments. Thanks to their dimensions of 47 x 46 x 26.3 millimetres, variants with housings can fit into even the smallest of spaces. The USB 3.0 interface enables a high data rate of 420 MByte/s, low CPU load and easy integration. The USB 3.0 uEye LE single-board version also offers 2 GPIOs, triggers and flash as well as a TWI (Two-Wire-Interface) for controlling peripherals.

The cameras are particularly suitable for small device projects and integration into embedded systems. They also show their strengths in medical technology, robotics and classic machine vision applications.
Note: Due to the high performance of modern sensors, some USB 3.0 uEye LE models are not supported in USB 2.0 mode. The USB 2.0 interface does not provide sufficient power for this. Further information can be found in the IDS Software Suite manual.

Wide range of applications!

Large lens selection

Thanks to the C/CS mount lenses, the uEye LE can be used in many different applications because it can also be used with wide-angle lenses. The board level variants feature an S-mount lens.

It’s so easy!

Plug & Play principle

The cameras are automatically detected in the system and are immediately ready for use. Buy a camera, connect it, receive an image – it couldn’t be easier!

Reduced to the essentials!

Cost and space saving

The USB 3.0 uEye LE cameras are lightweight, compact and offer a convenient single cable solution for data transfer and power supply. This makes them highly versatile project cameras.

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