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IDS uEye XLE Family

Particularly affordable, particularly compact and particularly suitable when the essentials matter: The uEye XLE camera family is specially designed for high-volume and price-sensitive projects where basic functions are required. Thanks to different housing variants, practical USB Type-C connector and modern USB3 Vision interface, uEye XLE cameras can be easily integrated into any machine vision system.
Do you need single-board cameras with or without C-/CS-Mount or S-Mount for your embedded vision solution? Or do you prefer models with coated plastic housing? Here you can freely select the suitable variant for your application.

Whether in small device construction, measurement technology, transportation or agricultural applications – the modern camera family is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. The guiding principle in product development? The feedback and actual requirements of our customers. Based on this, we ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.
All uEye XLE models feature a USB3 interface (SuperSpeed USB, 5 Gpbs) and are 100 percent GenICam-compliant. This means that you can easily program and operate the cameras with our modern SDK IDS peak. It offers an “it’s so easy” programming interface, thanks to which you no longer have to work directly with GenTL and GenAPI, for example. Convenience classes also reduce the programming effort and reduce sources of error.

Wide range of applications!

Particularly versatile

The uEye XLE camera family includes space-saving single-board models without lens mount, with S-mount or C-/CS-mount as well as housing variants with CS-/C-mount.

Easy to integrate!

Modern hardware and software

Thanks to USB Type-C connectors and Vision Standard compatibility (U3V / GenICam), the cameras can be easily integrated into any image processing system. In principle, the cameras can be used with any software – but are particularly easy to operate with IDS peak.

Cost-optimised from A to Z

Focused on the essentials

Your demands – our solution. uEye XLE were designed specifically as a price-optimised camera platform. A large number of cost-effective lenses are also available for the models.

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