USB 2 uEye LE

camera-usb2-ueye-le-1_RGBThe USB uEye LE series is a versatile and reasonably-priced range of cameras for use in industrial and non-industrial projects, which nonetheless ticks all the boxes in terms of sensor technology and versatility. You can choose from next generation CMOS sensors from well-known European manufacturers in resolutions ranging from VGA up to 10 megapixels.

  • Robust: Tough plastic housing
  • Compact: Ideal for applications with space restrictions
  • Lightweight: Ideal for applications in robotics and microscopy
  • Efficient: Low power consumption
  • USB 2.0 camera: Easy integration thanks to one standard cable solution and plug & play functionality
  • Optically decoupled trigger and flash, as well as two general purpose I/Os for board-level models: Many additional features for outstanding versatility
  • Adjustable flange back distance: Also suitable for zoom lenses, therefore providing a wider choice of lenses
  • Color calibration feature: Excellent color rendering, therefore ideal for microscopy
  • Next generation CMOS sensors: Outstanding image quality
  • Filter glass in front of the image sensor: For protection against dust and dirt and for spectral filtering of the incident light
  • 100% quality tested and calibrated: For consistent performance and reliability
Although the USB uEye LE cameras have already proven their worth in the following applications in particular, they are also ideally suited to other fields of application.

  • Automation: Quality assurance and general inspection applications
  • Printing industry: Completeness checks, endless web inspection systems, quality assurance
  • Small device construction
  • Logistics
  • Microscopy: Analysis equipment
  • Medical technology: Ophthalmology, scanners, skin analysis equipment
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Label, OCR, and barcode recognition, color and completeness checks
  • Robotics: Guidance/orientation assistance, object and pattern recognition, object type, position, and direction recognition
  • Packaging industry: Bottle inspection, fill quantity analysis, barcode and OCR recognition
  • Material testing
  • Other applications: General motion analysis (e.g. sports applications)
ProductSensorSensor TypeSensor SizeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
UI-1220LE AptinaCMOS1/3"87.2752 x 480
UI-1221LEAptinaCMOS1/3"87.2752 x 480
UI-1222LE AptinaCMOS1/3"87.2752 x 480
UI-1240LE e2vCMOS1/2"25.81280 x 1024
UI-1241LEe2vCMOS1/2"25.81280 x 1024
UI-1242LE e2vCMOS1/2"25.81280 x 1024
UI-1250LEe2vCMOS1/1.8"17.61600 x 1200
UI-1251LEe2vCMOS1/1.8"17.61600 x 1200
UI-1252LEe2vCMOS1/1.8"17.61600 x 1200
UI-1460LEAptinaCMOS1/2"11.22048 x 1536
UI-1461LEAptinaCMOS1/2"11.22048 x 1536
UI-1462LE AptinaCMOS1/2"11.22048 x 1536
UI-1480LEAptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1481LE AptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1482LE AptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1490LE AptinaCMOS1/2"3.23840 x 2748
UI-1491LE AptinaCMOS1/2"3.23840 x 2748
UI-1491LEAptinaCMOS1/2"3.23840 x 2748
UI-1492LE AptinaCMOS1/2"3.23840 x 2748
UI-1540LEAptinaCMOS1/2"251280 x 1024
UI-1541LEAptinaCMOS1/2"251280 x 1024
UI-1542LEAptinaCMOS1/2"251280 x 1024
UI-1550LEAptinaCMOS1/3"18.31600 x 1200
UI-1551LEAptinaCMOS1/3"18.31600 x 1200
UI-1552LE AptinaCMOS1/3"18.31600 x 1200
UI-1580LEAptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1581LEAptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1582LE AptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1640LE AptinaCMOS1/3"251280 x 1024
UI-1641LEAptinaCMOS1/3"251280 x 1024
UI-1642LE AptinaCMOS1/3"251280 x 1024