USB 2 uEye SE

camera-gige-ueye-se-ccd-2_RGBThe USB uEye SE is the very best all-round industrial camera: Small, compact, and robust, the first ever camera model from IDS has proven its worth in industry for over a decade. The USB uEye SE family offers a broad range of CMOS and CCD sensors as well as a vast selection of housings and board-level models with or without front flange.

 The USB 2.0 interface makes the camera extremely flexible, cost-efficient, and space-saving, as data is sent and power is supplied by a cable. The digital inputs and outputs for controlling the trigger and flash are optically decoupled and process signals of up to 30V. The cameras can be screw-mounted on all sides and can therefore be installed anywhere. A specially developed sensor seal provides protection in extremely dusty environments. The camera filter is also exchangeable and easy to clean.

  • Robust: Proven its worth in industrial applications for over a decade.
  • Flexible: Universal installation options (can be screw-mounted on all sides)
  • Solid: Compact metal housing
  • USB 2.0 interface: Easy integration and plug & play functionality
  • Optically decoupled trigger and flash: Many additional features for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Broad sensor portfolio: The right USB 2.0 industrial camera for any application
  • Filter glass in front of the image sensor: For protection against dust and dirt and for spectral filtering of the incident light
  • 100% quality tested and calibrated: For consistent performance and reliability

Although the USB uEye SE cameras have already proven their worth in the following applications in particular, they are also ideally suited to other fields of application.

  • Automation: Quality assurance and inspection
  • Automotive
  • Printing industry: Completeness checks, endless web inspection systems, quality assurance
  • Logistics
  • Machinebuilding
  • Medical technology: Ophthalmology, 3D scanners
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Label, OCR, and barcode recognition, color and completeness checks
  • Packaging industry: Bottle inspection, fill quantity analysis, barcode and OCR recognition
  • Material testing
  • Other applications: General motion analysis (e.g. sports applications)
ProductSensorSensor TypeSensor SizeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
UI-1120SE NITCMOS1/1.8"50768 x 576
UI-1220SE AptinaCMOS1/3"87.2 752 x 480
UI-1240SE e2vCMOS1/2"87.2752 x 480
UI-1250SEe2vCMOS1/1.8"17.61600 x 1200
UI-1460SEAptinaCMOS1/2"11.22048 x 1536
UI-1480SE AptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1490SE AptinaCMOS1/2"3.2 3840 x 2748
UI-1540SEAptinaCMOS1/2"251280 x 1024
UI-1550SE AptinaCMOS1/3"18.31600 x 1200
UI-1580SE AptinaCMOS1/2"6.32560 x 1920
UI-1640SEAptinaCMOS1/3"251280 x 1024
UI-2140SE SonyCCD1/3"251280 x 960
UI-2210SESonyCCD1/2"100640 x 480
UI-2220SESonyCCD1/2"71 768 x 576
UI-2230SESonyCCD1/3"401024 x 768
UI-2240SESonyCCD1/2"151280 x 1024
UI-2250SE SonyCCD1/1.8"17.51600 x 1200
UI-2280SESonyCCD2/3"6.52448 x 2048
UI-2340SE SonyCCD1/2"231360 x 1024
UI-2410SESonyCCD1/3"100640 x 480