AviivaAVD 015The e2v AViiVA SC2 is the right choice for those looking for a cost effective colour line scan camera. This camera is able to work up to 12 bits, with dedicated electronics that offer an excellent dynamic range. The camera benefits from all the features that made the AViiVA family a success, whilst integrating flat field correction to compensate for lens and light source non-uniformities. It includes contrast expansion functions and embeds balance and colour space correction.

e2v manages the cameras entire manufacturing process; from sensor to the camera. e2v’s imaging manufacturing process guarantees excellent PRNU values, a significant element of differentiation from our competitors.

  • Sensor size – 4096 pixels, 10μm, Monoline RGB pattern sensor
  • Interface – Camera Link, LVDS
  • Mechanics – compact and accurate
  • Excellent dynamic range – 67dB
  • Data rate – up to 60 MHz (scalable)
  • Flat field correction
  • White balance correction
  • Colour space correction
  • Bit depth – 8, 10 or 12 bit, serial RGB, 8 bits parallel RGB
  • High-sensitivity CCD sensor
  • Fully configurable by the user with CommCam software
  • Web inspection – printing, ceramic…
  • Parts inspection or sorting – labels, plastics, minerals, wood, waste management/recycling
  • Surface inspection – PCB, film scanning, document scanning
Resolution(pixels)Pixel Size(square) ?mMaximum line rate (KHz)Anti-blooming
4096 or 1365 x RGB pattern1014x 100