ELIIXA+8K_FrontThe ELiiXA 4096 pixel camera is the ideal candidate for the most demanding applications requiring multi-wavelength detection (including NIR). Using e2v’s unique technology, the CCD sensor features unmatched performance: line rate of 18 KHz, row spacing of two pixels centre to centre, enhanced blue response and four lines (RGB and fourth line either monochrome or NIR). The camera package is designed to increase efficiency and save cost at vision system level:

  • Easy calibration (test pattern, flat field correction, white balance,excellent mechanical alignment)
  • Versatile implementation (trigger modes, output modes, bi-directional scanning, spatial correction)
  • Optimal mechanical design (70 mm width) and with an all-in-one approach, a single ELiiXA camera can replace a two camera system of a conventional colour camera and a monochrome or NIR camera.
Resolution(pixels)Pixel Size(square) ?mSpacing betweeen rows (?m)Line length (mm)Maximum line rate (KHz)  
4 x 409610 x 1020 (centre to centre)4118