ELiiXA+ 16k/8k

ELIIXA+8K_Fronte2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. Thanks to e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, the camera provides an unmatched 95,000 lines/s and combines high response with an extremely low noise level; this delivers high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5 μ m pixel size is arranged in four active lines and dual line filter configuration allows the camera to be operated in several modes. True colour mode with 10μm RGB pixels to provide equivalent colour fidelity to 10μm pixel tri-linear solutions with advanced immunity to web variation or full definition mode with a unique 16,384 RGB pixel resolution.

  • Ultra high resolution up to 16,384 colour pixels, 5μm x 5μm pixel size
  • Ultra-fast line rate up to 95,000 lines/s
  • e2v multi-line CMOS technology for versatile integration and evolution:
    • 4 active and adjacent CMOS lines arranged in dual line filter configuration
      • Full definition mode: 16,384 interpolated colour pixels, 5μm pixel, 4 active lines
      • True colour mode: 8,192 colour pixels, 10μm pixel, 2 active lines
  • No spacing between the lines
  • Compatible with full exposure control
  • One order of magnitude increase in sensitivity versus a standard Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
  • CoaXPress interface
  • Power consumption below 19W
  • Printing inspection
  • High resolution document scanning
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • High quality raw material surface inspection
Resolution(pixels)Pixel Size(square) ?mMaximum line rate (KHz)Number of active lines
16384547.52 or 4