AViiVA ® UM8

AviivaAVD 015The e2v AViiVA UM8 CCD camera is the most advanced member of the AViiVA family of line scan cameras, combining technical performance with simplicity of use. This 12,288 pixel camera offers excellent dynamic range, easy implementation, flat field correction and an outstanding design of housing.

From the sensor to the actual camera; e2v manages the entire manufacturing process. The UM8 was designed to produce a camera with improved CCD sensor sensitivity. The AViiVA UM8 benefits from all of the features that made the AViiVA family of cameras a success, with key improvements on ease of use, mechanical and electronic performance and automatic taps balancing.

  • Sensor size – 12,288 pixels – 5 x 5μm
  • Interface – Camera Link® (medium or full configuration)
  • Mechanics – 76 x 76 x 56 mm3
  • Excellent dynamic range – 64dB
  • High data rate – up to 320 M pixels/s
  • Bit depth – 8, 10 or 12 bit
  • High-sensitivity CCD sensor
  • Fully configurable by the user with CommCam software
  • Surface inspection – flat panel display, printed circuit board, semiconductors…
  • Web inspection – printing, textile, paper…
  • OCR and barcode reading – document scanning..
Resolution(pixels)Pixel Size(square) ?mLine Length (mm)Maximum line rate (KHz)Number of active lines
122885 x 561.425x 100