ELiiXA+ 16K

ELIIXA+8K_Fronte2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. Thanks to e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, the camera provides an unmatched 100,000 lines/s in a 16k pixel format and combines high response with an extremely low noise level; this delivers high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5 μ m pixel size is arranged in four active lines, ensuring optimal spatial resolution in both scanning and sensor directions with off-the-shelf lenses. An outstanding data rate in excess of 1.6G pixels per second, delivered via a new CoaXPress interface, allows for extremely high throughput and opens up an array of new possibilities for the next generation of inspection systems for demanding applications such as flat panel display, PCB and solar cell inspection.

  • 16,384 pixels, 5μm x 5μm pixel pitch, 4 active CMOS lines
  • Line rate up to 100k lines/s
  • Data rate up to 1.6G pixels/s
  • Interface – CameraLink or CoaXPress
  • Up to 12-bit depth
  • Power consumption below 16W
  • Vertical and horizontal binning
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Parcel and postal sorting
  • High resolution document scanning
Resolution(pixels)Pixel Size(square) ?mMaximum line rate (KHz)Camera interface