Teledyne Piranha 4

Raising the performance bar once again

Powered by our latest high performance CMOS line scan imagers, the Piranha4 offers resolutions from 2k to 8k pixels in a variety of pixel sizes to let you inspect and detect with unrivalled precision, speed, and responsivity.

High Performance Color, Advanced Features, and Programmability

The Piranha4 cameras offer advanced features such as sub-pixel spatial correction, areas of interest (up to 4 at a time) to reduce data processing and simplify cabling, as well as dual-line area mode to double line rate, HDR mode, shading and lens correction. The Piranha4 is built for the real world with features to ease system integration. The advanced GenICam compliant user interface makes it easy to set up and control camera parameters such as exposure control, FFC, white balance, gain, test patterns, diagnostics and more.

Highest line rates in the industry

Our unique CMOS line scan architectures include dual line scan monochrome to deliver a 2x increase in responsivity, as well as bilinear, trilinear, and quadlinear color designs to maximize color performance. Large full-well capacity maximizes signal coverage for bright light, while low read noise ensures superior signal-to-noise at low light. Our CMOS image sensors’ high dynamic range, combined with on-chip ADC for high speed, gives the Piranha4 cameras unprecedented performance.

Color Imaging

Trilinear Color Cameras provide an attractive performance-to-cost ratio in line-scan color imaging. To learn more, read “Trilinear Cameras Offer High-Speed Color Imaging Solutions” by Teledyne DALSA, published in Photonics Spectra May 2013.

Family Specifications

Camera TypeLine Scan
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Supported InterfacesCamera Link
Spectrum CapabilityVisible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)

Camera Models

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Line Rate
Piranha4 2k, 50/100 kHz
Part number: P4-CM-02K05D
2048 x 2MonoCamera Link10.56 µm100 kHz
Piranha4 2k, 100/200 kHz
Part number: P4-CM-02K10D
2048 x 2MonoCamera Link10.56 µm200 kHz
Piranha4 4k, 50/100 kHz
Part number: P4-CM-04K05D
4096 x 2MonoCamera Link10.56 µm100 kHz
Piranha4 4k, 100/200 kHz
Part number: P4-CM-04K10D
4096 x 2MonoCamera Link10.56 µm200 kHz
Piranha4 8k, 70 kHz
Part number: P4-CM-08k070
8192 x 2MonoCamera Link7.04 µm70 kHz
Piranha4 Color 2k, 40 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-02K04T
2048 x 3ColorCamera Link14.08 µm40 kHz
Piranha4 Color 2k, 70 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-02K07T
2048 x 3ColorCamera Link14.08 µm70 kHz
Piranha4 Color 4k, 40 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-04K04T
4096 x 3ColorCamera Link10.56 µm40 kHz
Piranha4 Color 4k, 70 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-04K07T
4096 x 3ColorCamera Link10.56 µm70 kHz
Piranha4 Color 8k, 50 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-08k050
8192 x 2ColorCamera Link7.04 µm50 kHz
Piranha4 Trilinear Color 8k, 33 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-08K03T-01-R
8192 x 3ColorCamera Link7.5 µm33 kHz

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