Teledyne Piranha XL

Piranha™ XL: Multi-line CMOS TDI delivers breakthrough performance

Teledyne DALSA presents our latest multi-line CMOS camera, delivering unprecedented speed and responsivity with low noise. Exposure control allows for seamless variable speed imaging down to stopped conditions on select models.

Delivering unprecedented speed and responsivity with low noise

The camera uses the Camera Link HS interface based on Teledyne DALSA’s field-proven HS Link technology. It delivers very high data throughput with long transmission distances and cable flexibility. The camera, combined with the XTIUM Camera Link HS frame grabber, offers a complete solution for the next generation Automatic Optical Inspection.

How Digital Summing Boosts SNR and how that helps you

Mulitline CMOS combines mulitple low-noise exposures to achieve high sensitivity AND high full-well, resulting in an incredible signal-to-noise ratio and better images

Gain boosts signal but also increases noise by the same factor; signal is limited by full-well capacity which can reduce SNR

Digital summing gathers more photons (signal) and only increases noise by a factor of  √# of stages. More signal, less noise, no full-well limit. 

Boosting signal with gain: noise increases too, no SNR improvement. Digital summing: signal increases faster than noise, SNR improves.

Family Specifications

Camera TypeTDI Line Scan
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Supported InterfacesCamera Link HS
Spectrum CapabilityVisible (400-700 nm)

Camera Models

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Line Rate
Piranha XL Color 16k, 40 kHz
Part number: PX-HC-16K04T
16352 x 12ColorCamera Link HS5 µm40 kHz
Piranha XL Color 16k, 70 kHz
Part number: PX-HC-16K07T
16352 x 12ColorCamera Link HS5 µm70 kHz
Piranha XL XDR 16k, 60 kHz
Part number: PX-HM-16K06X
16352 x 12MonoCamera Link HS5 µm60 kHz
Piranha XL XDR 16k, 125 kHz
Part number: PX-HM-16K12X
16352 x 12MonoCamera Link HS5 µm125 kHz

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