AVT Pearlye

The Pearleye camera family incorporates uncooled microbolometer sensors. With their maintenance-free sensors, a temperature reference element, and Peltier temperature stabilizing, the cameras reliably detect temperature differences < 80 mK. Image correction features ensure an excellent image quality.

  • Amorphous silicon uncooled microbolometer focal plane array (FPA)
  • Spectral response: 8 – 14 μm (LWIR)
  • NETD ≤ 80 mK @ 303 K @ f/1.0
  • Built-in electromechanical calibration shutter
  • Temperature reference element and Peltier temperature stabilization
  • Preprocessing functions included
  • Shipped with built-in correction data sets
  • Factory adjusted bad pixel correction
  • Background (FPN) correction
  • Gain/offset correction (NUC/non-uniformity correction) for each pixel
  • Drift compensation
  • Temperature linearization (LUT)
  • Continuous mode (image acquisition with maximum frame rate)

In combination with AVT’s AcquireControl software, extensive image analysis functions are available:

  • Pseudo color LUT with several color profiles
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto brightness
  • Temperature measurement
  • Analyze multiple regions (rectangular, circle) within the image
  • Real-time statistics and histogram display … and more

The Pearleye is a maintenance-free, robust, compact LWIR camera with excellent image quality and precise temperature measurement. It detects subtle temperature differences with high precision.

  • OEM Applications
  • Surveillance
  • Automation
  • Quality control
  • Science and research