Photon Focus BL1-D1024

The board level camera series BL1-D1024E-CL was derived from the MV1-D1024E-CL camera series and is in the feature set 100% compatible to the standard series. The differences are in the mechanical construction of the camera case.

The BL1-D1024E-CL series is based on the Photonfocus CMOS image sensor A1024B. This Photonfocus CMOS sensor with a full well capacity (FWC) of 200 ke- is optimized for high dynamic range applications and a high signal to noise ratio (SNR). The cameras have the CameraLink Base interface. Three camera models with different speed grades are available

  • monochrome 1″ CMOS image sensor
  • 1024 x 1024 pixel (megapixel resolution)
  • pixel size: 10.6 µm x 10.6 µm
  • Global Shutter
  • spectral range: 400 – 900 nm
  • LinLog® response curve (linear-logarithmic sensor characteristics)
  • configurable region of interest (ROI)
  • up to 16 selectable windows (Multiple Region of Interest-MROI)
  • image preprocessing with integrated look up tables (LUT)
  • integrated digital reduction of fix pattern noise (FPN)
  • integrated shading correction
  • ultra low trigger delay and low trigger jitter
  • lens mount: C-Mount (option CS-Mount)
  • BL1 form factor: 44 x 44 mm² (W x H)
ProductSensorSensor TypeFrame Rate (fps)Resolution
BL1-D1024E-40-CL-12A1024BCMOS371024 x 1024 pixel
BL1-D1024E-80-CL-12A1024BCMOS751024 x 1024 pixel
BL1-D1024E-160-CL-12A1024BCMOS1501024 x 1024 pixel