Photon Focus DR1

CMOS cameras are widely used in the field of high speed imaging. Due to the high image quality of CMOS image sensors at high frame rates they outperform CCD cameras. Standard high speed camera systems are implemented with camera heads and storage units or with cameras with CameraLink Full interface and frame grabber with a huge amount of on board memory.

For motion analysis and detection of handling errors in machine setups frame rates are required which are today available from standard machine vision cameras. So more and more motion scopes were used with GigE standard cameras or with GigE camera with link aggregation for double frame rates.

For this applications Photonfocus has developed the Double Rate (DR) camera technology which is setup on the standard implementation of the GigE interface and standard software protocols as GigEVision and GenICam. In the result high speed applications could be realized with standard tools and libraries. The setup of multi camera systems is easy and is not disabled as with link aggregation

The Double Rate technology overcome the draw backs of link aggregation and enables frame rates of 577 fps @ VGA resolution and 204 fps @ 960 x 960 pixel. The Double-Rate camera DR1-D1312-200-G2-8 is 25% faster than standard Cameralink Base cameras and 100% faster than standard GigE cameras.

  • High speed camera with Double Rate technology
  • 1.4 MPix CMOS camera with Photonfocus image sensor A1312
  • 577 fps @ VGA and 135 fps @ full resolution of 1312 x 1082 pixel
  • ~ 100 % faster than standard GigE cameras
  • ~ 25 % faster than CameraLink Base cameras
  • Standard GigEVision compatible
  • Standard GenICam compatible
  • No Link-Aggregation
  • One cable solution
  • Network connectivity
  • Multi camera systems solutions without limitations
  • Modulation can be disabled to transmit original image data