Laser Projectors


  • Wider fan angle (80° x 80°) enables larger area of operation
  • Optional with red or green laser source
  • Multiple projectors combine to create system capable of projecting over large and highly complex projections
  • Serial or Ethernet data transfer


Customised LPCustomized LP

  • Unit assembly system
  • Faster driver card for almost flicker-free projection
  • Tele-optic optional available for a distance of >10m
  • Reduction of fan angle to 60° x 60° for higher accuracy
  • Stainless steel housing on demand
  • Integration of projection unit in OEM solutions


  • Camera based 3D measuring and laser projection system for industrial use
  • Alignment followed by projection
  • Auto tracked laser position in real-time
  • Accuracy of 1/10 000 of the operating area
  • Support of production and process optimization