Camera Link

microEnable 5 – Camera Link HS

microEnable 5 for Camera Link HS standard, PCIe x8/Gen 2 based, available as image acqisition and processing board. Camera Link HS is designed to specifically meet the needs of vision and imaging applications. Its low latency, low jitter, real-time signals between a camera and a frame grabber carry image data and configuration data. The interface takes the key strengths of Camera Link and adds new features and functions to meet customer’s demands today and tomorrow. Standard features cover a scalable bandwidths from 300 to 16,000 MB/s, an extremely reliable data delivery and a transmission via copper or fiber optic cables from 15 to 300+ meters in length. In case of interest in CLHS products, please contact the sales team in our headquarter.

microEnable IV – Camera Link

microEnable IV for Camera Link standard, PCIe based, available as image acqisition and processing board. Camera Link is a robust communications link using a dedicated cable connection and a standardized communications protocol. It is a hardware specification that standardizes the connection between cameras and frame grabbers, and defines a complete interface which includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, and real time signaling to the camera. Camera Link was built for real time, high bandwidth (maximum 850 MB/s) parallel communication. It is a well-established and proven industry standard. Camera Link has GenICam support for plug and play interoperability.