microEnable 5 AQ8-CXP6B

microEnable 5 AQ8-CXP6BmicroEnable 5 AQ8-CXP6B is an advanced frame grabber for one single high speed CoaXPress camera or up to four single channel ones. The board supports state of the art features like “Power-over-CoaXPress”, GenCam, long cable length and many more, and combines high bandwidth performance with easy-to-install system setups – over a single cable. With its PCIe eight lanes interface and double frequency support (Gen 2), a bandwidth of up to 3,6 GBytes/sec is supported to transfer the image data to the host RAM. Combined with Silicon Software’s runtime environment, CoaXPress camera and framegrabber bundles benefit from the ease of software handling, powerful acquisition and pre-processing features, and a comprehensive SDK environment.