3.5mm 1/2 Inch S Mount Low Distortion Lens | Custom Lens, Mega HD ...

M12 Lenses, also referred to as S-Mount Lenses or Micro-Video Lenses, are board lenses used to focus an image onto a camera sensor. They are used in a variety of applications including automotive, forensics, pharmaceutical, and food inspection. These S-Mount Lenses are compact imaging lenses designed for use with many small format industrial cameras. M12 Lenses are ideal for environments where space is limited or for OEM implementation. M12 Micro-Video Lenses are low cost alternatives to standard-sized imaging lenses.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of S-Mount Lenses designed for use in the visible to near-infrared spectra or within harsh environments. TECHSPEC M12 Lenses are available to meet a broad range of requirements for your application. M12 Lenses are versatile options that can be implemented or adapted to many imaging applications that utilize standard imaging lenses. A large selection of imaging accessories are also available, such as spacer rings or extension tubes, for additional features or integration options.

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