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Lucid Imaging is a company headquartered out of Bangalore, India with a development center in a Special economic zone in Coimbatore. The company focusses exclusively in the domain of Machine Vision. Machine vision is a rapidly growing subfield of engineering which encompasses computer science, optics, mechanical engineering and industrial automation. Some common applications of Machine Vision include automated inspection and measurement of manufactured goods such as, industrial components, automobiles, food, Textile and pharmaceuticals, etc. Machine vision systems are programmed to perform narrowly defined tasks such as counting objects on a conveyor, high speed sorting, reading serial numbers, analysing surface defects in assembly inspection, and dimensional measurements. Manufacturers favour machine vision systems for high-speed, high-magnification, 24-hour operation, and repeatability of measurements.

one stop solution for all machine vision requirement

A Components division which supplies basic Machine Vision components required to build a Vision system and a Systems division where we develop, manufacture and supply Print and Surface Inspection systems.

Over 17 years of experience
Trusted suppliers for Key Industries
Key Contributor in industrial components and systems
Over 200+ customers served
Partnership with prominents OEM’s In India & Abroad
Lucid own various Intellectual properties and patents


In 2005 Lucid Imaging started with the objective of bringing the latest in vision technology to OEMs and end users in India. Our primary objective is to add value by enabling the use of vision technology through distribution of world class vision products in India and by sharing our vision expertise via application specific consultancy and training.


Lucid Imaging develops and supplies a wide range of inspection systems for print industry. These include high speed online sheet inspection system for intaglio & offset presses, number inspection on letter presses, Label Inspection System, Web inspection systems, Paper inspection system, carton and label defect inspection system, serial number scanning & label printing applications, productivity tracking systems, 3D inspection, soil note detectors of used notes etc.

Anand Chinnaswamy,

Anand Chinnaswamy, Managing Director, received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the PSG College of Technology, and holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University, SC, U.S.A and an M.S. in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, U.S.A.

Anand has significant knowledge and experience in the area of machine vision, gained during his tenure in the U.S. and the many years of industrial experience in India. He has worked as Research and Development Engineer at Analog & Digital Systems, Bangalore, as a Research fellow at the Semiconductor Research Corporation, North Carolina, at DuPont Imaging Systems – R&D center, North Carolina, as a technical consultant at Dynisco, Inc. Massachusetts, as a Joint Managing Director in Premier Synthetics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore and as Director and CTO at Soliton Technologies Private Limited, India where he has led the teams in developing the first industrial digital cameras from India.

Anand is a past chairman of the Round Table and has worked on various community service projects with them. He is also an avid outdoors person. His interests include biking, tennis and trekking.

“We are passionate about creating value to our customers with products that standout from a technical, cost and support perspective”


Lucid Imaging has a strong technical background with a multidisciplinary team of 65 people focussed on Machine Vision and in particular Print and Surface inspection. We are proud of our divergent team possessing Bachelors and Masters degrees and with skillsets ranging from Software development, Imaging, Mechanics and electrical engineering. The team is highly motivated and passionate about our area of work.

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